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Crooked stave motif investing

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crooked stave motif investing

Beer Magnetism Crooked Stave Mountain Rain, Juicy East, Festbier Oktoberfest Lager Bier, Kiwi IPA India Pale Ale Craft Beer Label Magnets. investment on the part of consumers to such an extent that other aspects of the Walt. Disney Company's ideology are ignored. The Frozen films also invite. of the design motifs on Gerzean pots may be interpreted as canals. The scepter foreshadows the awey-staff carried by Egyptian kings and gods. Other. INVESTING IN FAST GROWTH COMPANIES Just wait using Email. False detection crafted web an iPod. A row of seats smart business or shut was introduced, version of.

His tattoos, though, are geometric rather then figurative. The Gebelein tattoo revelations come as part of an ongoing museum push to research the mummies and the world they inhabited. It's now likely other ancient, naturally preserved Egyptian mummies will get the infrared-imaging treatment that could uncover more early ink.

We may never know. The Smartest Stuff : Innovators are thinking up new ways to make you, and the things around you, smarter. Your guide to a better future. Leslie Katz. March 2, p. Leslie Katz Culture Editor. A linear motif on the female mummy could be a symbol of power and status, or it could represent a throw-stick or baton used in ritual dance. Gebelein Man A's tattoo seen under infrared light.

The British Museum The mummies, one male and one female, hail from a town once called Gebelein, located along the Nile in an area so hot and dry, the bodies of some ancient inhabitants stayed incredibly intact. More antiquities Egyptian mummies reveal their genetic secrets Mummified child could change history of smallpox Ancient Peruvian priestess finally shows her 3D-printed face.

That's because it's International Stout Day, a celebration of dark, decadent brews that got its start in So, in the spirit of that, I offer up a short synopsis of stouts that have been available at different times in North Texas history.

Hey, it's what I do I read old books and newspapers to learn how our scene has evolved. Sometimes such explorations also involve the consumption of beer Drinking stout in pre-Prohibition Dallas North Texans were drinking stout, or at least a kind of beer that would evolve into what was called a stout more on that in a moment as early as Many early listings don't credit the brewer, but C.

Hibbert of London was likely the bottler of the stout porter advertised, since regular shipments from the firm were arriving at the Port of Galveston during the same period of time. Dallas Daily Herald Dallas, Tex.

With regards to that other famous stout, Guinness was being sold early on by locals as well purportedly for medicinal purposes , though it doesn't appear in Dallas newspaper ads until around Shipments to Galveston show Guinness being sent to Texas by , but it's not clear when it was first stocked in North Texas. Many times the beer was billed as Burke's Guinness Dublin Stout, due to the fact that Guinness didn't bottle its own products until well after Prohibition.

Back then, they used a network of bottlers to package and ship their beer to America. Edward and John Burke, who were grandsons of Arthur Guinness, owned one such distribution company and the U. The Dallas Daily Herald. Dallas, Tex. Well, sort of. During the s, stouts actually grew out of a stronger version of porter usually referred to as "stout porter.

So, if you think about it, given the seemingly similar style guidelines between porters and stouts, in today's lingo a stout could also be called an imperial porter. Looking at things in those terms, you might say "imperial" is the new "stout.

Yegua Creek Brewing Co. Something worth noting about these two beers is that the brewers involved in their creation are still active in the brew scene today. The first locally-crafted stout beer and whiskey blend? Speaking of Two Rows, that brewpub might have been considered ahead of its time based on one beer it produced. Years before barrel-aged beers would become commonplace, Two Rows whipped up a beer and bourbon blend called Wild Turkey Stout.

If memory serves, it hit taps sometime around , and much like the stronger beers of today, it was served in a smaller vessel due to its higher ABV. Image courtesy of Shannon Brewing Co. First debuting as a limited edition during American Craft Beer week in May, Shannon Wee Heavy will now be a winter seasonal for the two year-old brewery.

And, as was the case for Honey Porter, Shannon's fall seasonal, Wee Heavy will be available on draft throughout the Metroplex, with cans being sold only at the brewery. Characterized as "rich, full-bodied and slightly sweet," Shannon Wee Heavy is designed to be malt-forward, with hints of caramel and baked fruit, balanced by a slight noble hop aroma. It's also said to be "surprisingly easy to drink, with a subtle peat character and an enjoyable alcohol warmth. Launch parties for Shannon Wee Heavy are scheduled to occur at various North Texas locations over the next two weeks, the details of which are provided below.

Oak St. Draft House, Denton - 7 p. Taverna Rossa, Plano - 6 p. November Old Chicago, Ft. Worth - p. Labels: press release , Shannon Brewing Co. Image courtesy of Franconia Brewing Co. Now, whether you realize it or not, that statement actually contains two bits of news. That's because the World Tour series was originally supposed to consist of four beers including English Stout , Belgium Ale and another , but owner Dennis Wehrmann says there's been a slight change of plans.

Graphics for Franconia Baltic Porter will still feature the design intended for the World Tour line, with the "Seasonal" designation replacing that of the "World Tour " along the top of the circular logo Franconia Brewing Co. As for Champagne Ale, Wehrmann says the brewery employed the same recipe it used when the beer first debuted as one of five brews released in association with Franconia's fifth anniversary in Speaking of the vintage, over the past three years you may have noticed parts of the original batch appear occasionally as a festival offering.

In fact, one of the last remaining kegs from tapped as recently as the Big Texas Beer Fest. The implication there is that Champagne Ale is a beer that's expected to age well. Fresh out of the tank the beer features upfront elements of pineapple, passion fruit and other tropicals, with a hint of tartness coming out in a finish that's dry and slightly vinous.

Yet, if the edition is any indication, this beer will grow even more complex over time. A series of launch events is also expected to occur, with special World Tour glassware to be offered at select locations. Labels: Franconia Brewing Co. A few days before leaving for this year's Great American Beer Festival GABF , I saw a post on social media suggesting that attending the event is something that should be on everyone's beer bucket list.

I certainly agree, though for me it's about more than just the festival itself. That and the competition may be what draws brewers and their fans to Denver each year, but the array of festivities that go on in and around the city all week long is what makes the entire experience a must-do in my eyes. On top of that, there are always a few breweries that choose GABF week as a platform for debuting new products.

While the curtain is usually pulled back during a media-only event to start, you can almost always find these beers being poured on the opening night of the festival. For me, though, while the Beerliner is always on my evening itinerary, if you've read my GABF recaps in the past, you know that brewery hopping is how I like to spend my spare time during the day. In the spirit of that, thoughts on those visited while on my GABF adventure are provided below.

So, in the diary of drinking that follows, you'll find commentary based on our shared experience. You can also read Dixon's own personal rundown on the DBS website by clicking here. Wynkoop Brewing Co. If memory serves, it was when I last went by Wynkoop Brewing Co. Colorado's original brewpub. But, dropping in this year was a given, considering low long-time North Texas brewer John Sims formerly of Copper Tank, Four Corners, Oak Highlands, Texas Ale Project and others recently re-located there to take the reins as head brewer.

These days, the Koop keeps upwards of 30 beers on tap, including more than 20 of its own. And on this visit, the lineup included the brewpub's infamous bull testicle beer, Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. As for how Dixon and I ended up there Not the mention the strain on our poor driver.

Dixon and I had both checked out Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project before at its location at The Source, and considering the brewery made the move there in , it probably makes sense that we saw many of the same differences when comparing the past and present feel of the place. Brewing equipment that once filled space off to one side was no more, allowing for expanded seating which Dixon felt gave the taproom a "much more relaxed feel.

Great Divide Barrel Bar. In the past, that meant hitting up the brewery on Arapahoe St. Last year, crowds kept me away, but this time around Dixon and I made it stop three on our impromptu brewery tour. On the atmosphere side, it's not a huge space, seating only about 40, but Dixon probably summed it up best by saying, "From the wooden staves hanging from the ceiling above the bar to the wooden furniture, the Barrel Bar lived up to its name and is worth checking out.

Beer-wise, options on the night in question included The Smoothness a beer created in association with Jameson's Drinking Buddies initiative , the nitro-infused Velvet Yeti and barrel-aged versions of Hibernation and Old Ruffian. They may be wearing black at Black Shirt Brewing Co. That's because all of the brewery's beers are red The black thing has to do with representing the counter culture, while the red thing is about picking something and trying to do it better than anyone else.

In this case, that means focusing exclusively on red ales. Dixon managed to maintain focus enough to recall details regarding both the atmosphere and the beer. Solo stops This place had me at copper kettles. Well that and I have been known to enjoy a traditional German lager or two. Brought to you by a group that includes the former brewmaster of Downtown Denver's other German brewery, Prost Brewing, Bierstadt Lagerhaus is part of a hulking complex that also houses a cidery and on-site restaurant.

As you've probably gathered, German standards are order of the day here, with a Helles, Dunkel and Slow Pour Pils being among the everyday offerings. Tivoli Brewing Co. And, the reason was entirely to do with the history behind the place.

You see, at Tivoli it's a "what's old is new again" kind of thing. The original brewery has origins that date back to and the business continued to operate, with the exception of Prohibition, up until A revival of the brand occurred in , with the brewpub of today being located on the lower level of the old brewery building.

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crooked stave motif investing

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