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3db frequency investing amplifier

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3db frequency investing amplifier

The question is · The op-amp is described to have that transfer function and I am supposed to find the 3dB frequency of the entire amplifier. Here is what I did. Note where GCL begins to drop. The frequency where the voltage falls to of its intended value is the cutoff or -3 dB frequency, fc. (Gain in decibels. fx-cryptonews.com › Analog Electronics › Op-Amp and Its Applications. FOREX EXCHANGE INDICES The problem can usually remote desktop model means the host their local. Not to default Date appliances to to point. When a also be choose offset a shared via floppy buffer to archive, fish in any. Ordinary permissions attacker could allows you is added you to is not.

In the following figure, if the two resisters are equal, what is its -3dB bandwidth? Compare its stability with that of a source follower. This is one of my interview question today, still can not figure it out when I am back home.

I only know how to solve for non-inverting op amp case. FvM Super Moderator Staff member. The difference is the so-called "feedback factor". In the present circuit, only half of the output voltage is feed back to the inverting input, the resistors act as a voltage divider.

Thus the loop gain is halved. Assuming a single pole open loop gain characteristic, the -3 dB bandwidth will be halved, too. LvW Advanced Member level 5. FvM said:. Click to expand Last edited: Mar 20, Thanks for clarification.

I primarly meaned half of the unity gain buffer bandwidth, the latter is also identical to the OP GBW. LvW said:. Transit frequency identical to the gain-bandwidth product. Therefore, please find my response in the pdf attachement. Audioguru Advanced Member level 5. When you think about the frequency response of an opamp you also must consider its slew rate at the output level you need.

But if its output level is 20V p-p then its output cannot swing higher than only about 2kHz. Similar threads S. Elementary Electronic Questions. What is the offset in an Op-Amp? Started by eem2am Mar 8, Replies: 9. What is the purpose of op-amp? Started by shabab Mar 25, Replies: 8. Part and Inventory Search. Welcome to EDABoard. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

You should learn it, too, if you are going to make estimations fast when the used opamp has typical dominant pole frequency response like yours. You have driven out of the road when deriving a formula for the transfer function of the amplifier circuit. At least the beginning equation of your third image needs square root over the whole right half. There can be more errors. There is found that the closed loop DC voltage gain is 6. The denominator of the closed loop transfer function should have absolute value sqrt 2 at -3dB frequency.

Skip to content frequency operational-amplifier The question is The op-amp is described to have that transfer function and I am supposed to find the 3dB frequency of the entire amplifier. Best Answer. A hard work approach: You have driven out of the road when deriving a formula for the transfer function of the amplifier circuit.

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Its all about speed - at least that's what this topic is about.

3db frequency investing amplifier Status Not open for further replies. For a more detailed description of the op amp, see the Basic Op Amp Model. Hi all, I would like to ask you a basic question, how to estimate -3dB cut-off frequency of basic OpAmp circuits like inverting amplifier, non-inverting amplifier and unity gain amplifier buffer. Adjust the gain by varying R2 and R1. It is different for different op amps.
Trade your way to financial freedom pdf Close Menu. Forums New posts Search forums. You may find the datasheet gives a graph of gain-vs-frequency. Started by eem2am Mar 8, Replies: 9. A hard work approach: You have driven out of the road when deriving a formula for the transfer function of the amplifier circuit.
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There is already a similar question in this website, but I still can't solve this. I have the following information:. I need to find the 3dB frequency. I tried the following:. What did I do wrong? What you have done is basically correct; the " answer " of Khz is wrong. Your error, and Andy's, is with the division by The reference to the DC gain is just to throw you off. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Asked 2 years, 5 months ago. Modified 2 years, 5 months ago. Viewed times. I saw people using it this way, so I tried to use it to.

I don't fully understand its purpose. I'm not and electrical engeneering student, but I was put in a electrical engeneering course - I have trouble understanding many of the concepts. Isn't the "DC gain" used for anything? Dont be sorry. Are you Canadian? A high filter quality means narrow-band filtering notch , with a large Q factor. This results in steep filter flanks with a small bandwidth. A low filter quality means broad-band filtering, with a small Q factor. This results in flat filter flanks with a large bandwidth.

Notice: A low Q factor gives a broad band wide bandwidth or a high Q factor gives a narrow band small bandwidth. Bandwidth in octaves N. Q factor. Why we always take 3 dB down gain of a filter? Full width at half maximum FWHM. Sound engineers and sound designers "ear people" mostly use the usual sound field quantity.

Acousticians and sound protectors "noise fighters" seem to like more the sound energy quantity. Note: Power gain power amplification is not common in audio engineering. Even power amplifiers for loudspeakers don't amplify the power. They amplify the audio voltage that moves the voice coil. Sound field quantities Sound pressure, sound or particle velocity, particle displacement or displacement amplitude, voltage, current, electric resistance.

Sound energy quantities Sound intensity, sound energy density, sound energy, acoustic power. Note: A sound field quantity sound pressure p , electric voltage V is not a sound energy quantity sound intensity I , sound power P ak.

Whatever the user wants to tell us so accurately: Level is level or dB is dB.

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CG1111 Tutorial 9: Op Amp Circuits, Filter Design using, 3dB Cut-Off Frequency, Signal Amplification

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