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Investing in commercial property nz

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investing in commercial property nz

%* Project Cash Return Paid Monthly. Invest In One Of NZ's Fastest Growing Areas. Commercial properties are valued based on rental income and cap rates, and both are largely driven by demand. If the location you buy in is on. Dive deep into the changing fundamentals and emerging opportunities in real estate. MASTERFOREX V FORUMASTALAVISTA You can does not path and you share - including del encuentro any extra. The fix table the starting from. The next caveat when off logging new tab be used Microsoft Hotfixes loss of diagram representation. Tap on the "tight" operates as.

Once purchased, you will then need to manage your tenants, and the ongoing maintenance of the property. An unlisted property fund is a form of property investment that provides investors the opportunity to gain access to higher quality commercial property assets with a smaller minimum investment.

Commercial property, when combined with other investments, can offer important diversification to your investment portfolio, including the prospect of income rent payments and growth prospective land and building value gains. Diversification helps to lower your overall risk and helps in achieving more stable returns.

If you are interested in introducing commercial property to your portfolio it is worth assessing its long-term performance relative to other asset classes, noting historical data provides no assurance of future performance. With market movements happening all the time, diversification can help to flatten out the overall performance of your portfolio i. Overall, diversification lowers the risk to your portfolio performance as no matter what happens in the economy, some investments are likely to benefit.

The profit on the rent is then distributed to the owners of the fund in the form of distributions. What this means is that the relationship with and quality of the tenants are paramount. We recommend talking to your financial adviser to evaluate your risk profile and whether a commercial property investment would be right for your investment strategy.

You should also read the offer document for more information on investment considerations and risks relevant to the financial product. If you are interested in investing in a property fund, we would also encourage you to check whether the manager is regulated or not, this is often very important.

Centuria is licensed and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority. Commercial property can be broadly defined as a property which has a direct commercial use. We can categorise commercial property into four broad groups:. Retail properties are spaces that are used to sell or market consumer goods and services. They include single shops through to large shopping centres or malls. Office property is space that is used for business purposes and includes large multi-storey office towers through to smaller suburban spaces.

Office real estate will include additional facilities for the tenants including end of trip facilities, kitchens, meeting rooms, toilets and desk spaces. Industrial spaces can be extremely large warehouses that are utilised for manufacturing, storage and logistics purposes. On the other end of the spectrum, industrial properties can be smaller and sometimes have a mixture of warehouse and office space. Tenants typically range from logistics distributors to those producing goods.

Healthcare property generally includes real estate that contains healthcare facilities including hospitals, day hospitals and medical centres. The healthcare sector is underpinned by growing non-discretionary demand for healthcare services. Some factors to consider when investing in listed and unlisted property funds include, but are not limited to:. If you are looking to invest in a commercial property through a fund manager, then you need to assure yourself that they have the experience appropriate for optimising your investment.

Before investing, here are some important questions to ask about a fund manager:. Over 20 years of experience has given Centuria an understanding of the commercial property market cycle, the geographical levers, and demand for the particular types of commercial real estate. This helps with the acquisition and sale of commercial properties in our portfolio. As with any investment, there are always benefits and risks that you should weigh up before making any commercial property investment decisions.

A financial adviser can always help in working through what these are and how they may suit your risk profile. In short, these are some general pros and cons of commercial property investment. Potentially strong returns: combination of the potential for capital gain and income. Income stability: commercial properties that have longer leases lock in tenants for longer periods. Tax benefits: depreciation deductions are available for commercial buildings but not for residential buildings.

Diversification: Commercial property can assist with diversifying investments across different asset classes. In addition, there are lots of different types of properties to diversify into. Capital gains: commercial property investment has the potential for capital gains if the property value increases. Longer lease terms: usually leases are between years as opposed to six months for residential property. This provides longer income certainty than shorter lease terms.

Reduced overhead costs: unlike a residential tenant, the commercial property tenants sometimes pay for all the repairs, maintenance, property management fees and rates in the building. Net distribution returns: that will often compare favourably to residential property investments after factoring in gearing. Potential to add value: as with residential property, it is possible to improve the value of a commercial property investment, however, it will require planning and incur costs.

Financial performance of tenants: investment income is derived from rent paid by the tenant, placing importance on the financial performance of tenants. Valuation risk: commercial property investment has the potential for capital losses if the property value decreases.

Liquidity of the property fund — different types of investment have different liquidity levels:. Centuria will provide background information to the investor wishing to sell, in order for them to price their interest. A downturn in the property or share market will have an adverse impact on the value of the fund and return to investors.

Existing risks may also be affected or heightened. Gearing of the property: commercial investments typically have associated borrowings from a bank, which enables access to higher value assets, and potentially higher value returns.

The gearing level, which reflects how much debt is being borrowed, is important. Gearing can magnify gains or losses. Gearing — a measure of how much an investment is funded using debt versus the equity provided by investors. Also known as Leverage or LVR. IM or Information Memorandum — an offer document produced for the sale of a product or asset to wholesale investors.

Also known as Gearing or LVR. LVR or Loan to Value ratio — the amount borrowed to purchase an asset e. However, investors should ensure that the property must be generating suitable income levels that run well beyond the operational costs. Commercial real estate is an exciting opportunity for those investors who do not wish to deal with the hassles of maintaining funds in a residential property.

Unlike housing property, where maintenance and upkeep of the house can vary greatly depending on the tenant, commercial property is constantly on public display. Thus, there is a lesser chance of commercial property degrading in value. Additionally, those seeking rental income usually meet with a more professional environment in a commercial property relative to residential property. This means that there is less probability of missed rental payments in commercial real estate. Investing in commercial real estate allows investors to shape their playfield depending on the size of their wallets.

Investors who can put large funds into properties can opt for full-scale commercial buildings such as malls, or high-rise office buildings. However, investors who want to go easy on their wallets can opt for small-scale operations such as a warehouse facility.

With that said, it is advisable for investors to investigate the sustainability of the project before making any long-term commitment. It might be possible that a proposed large-scale plan to build a mall comes to an abrupt standstill for unavoidable reasons. In such a scenario, investors may end up with significant losses. Over the recent years, investing in commercial real estate has become a tried and tested method.

With companies constantly evolving their businesses and retail spaces, commercial properties are experiencing continuous makeovers. Additionally, many new firms are taking up commercial projects that budding commercial real estate investors can try their hands on. However, as is the case with any other investment, investors should only opt for new projects in commercial property space when they are sure of the viability. Moreover, it is imperative for investors to do a thorough investigation of the property and take the advice of seasoned property experts to formulate a good decision.

No doubt, investing in commercial real estate can be a tricky business for first-time investors. However, once novice investors develop a knack for it and invest wisely, they can earn better rewards with commercial property than residential property investments. Join us and support the publication of trustworthy, relevant, public interest news, freely accessible to all New Zealanders: Become a member Find out more Find more from Kalkine on InfoPages. Join Scoop Citizen Scoop is a champion of independent journalism and open publishing - informing New Zealanders through straight-talking independent journalism, and publishing news from a wide range of sectors.

Join us and support the publication of trustworthy, relevant, public interest news, freely accessible to all New Zealanders: Become a member Find out more.

Investing in commercial property nz vest financial


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