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Investing in numismatics wowhead

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investing in numismatics wowhead

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I don't mean that it is impossible to turn a profit on coins by careful buying and selling. Buy high and sell low, in simple terms. That however is trading rather than investing. Investing implies a buy and hold strategy but for coins this isn't valid for a variety of reasons, mostly related to cynical over production of "investment" coins which will never produce a return and a lack of interest in collecting depressing demand.

The value of a coin is a necessary evil, not a profit opportunity. A collector normally tries to put together complete sets and date runs whereas the investor really doesn't care if all his Krugerrands have the same date or not. Of course a collector must live and trade in the real world, competing in the same market as investors.

As has been said before, the antics of the "melt" crowd make silver coins an unrealistic buy at present. They WILL fall in price once the big boys decide it's time to leave the small investors holding the baby. If anyone doubts this, then I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you. Large investors ref. Hunt have been using leveraged buying to pump and dump commodities for decades. The advent of a silver futures market where no physical metal ever changes hands has not only made it easier, it has made the inevitable crash that much more dramatic.

I don't care what Glenn Beck gets paid to say, anyone investing in precious metals is going to lose their shirt. The shysters with Federal blessing are now even going so far as to persuade people to convert their k's into "gold backed pension plans". I still collect silver coins, but not very actively.

There will always be a demand for rare coins, in terms of mintage or condition and these represent the best value around currently. Anything minted after around will never appreciate in value much because of the huge mintages where runs of hundreds of millions are common. I collect modern US coins but I know they will be worth about the same in 20 or even 50 years. Please, please, please do not regard coins as a valid investment, collect them because you enjoy it, not because it's part of your retirement strategy.

Now, being an all round nice guy and also the smartest guy on the Interwebs, I'm going to finish by lightening the gloom a little. It IS possible to make a profit from buying coins in very exceptional circumstances where there is an increased in demand and hence price due to factors outside of coin collecting.

Even better, you can predict these events! Let me give you an example - will see the th anniversary of the First World war which will lead to an increase in demand for all things related to that most momentous of events, including coins. Actually, particularly coins. The gun used to assassinate the Archduke Ferdinand is out of our price range, militaria items have always been expensive so people will look to coins as the most accessable items they can buy to meet the urge to own something, a tangible link.

Investment tip: any coins from from the major participants, especially occupation issues, Austro Hungarian coins. Another less concrete example - Churchill Crowns are probably the most undervalued coins in the world, Churchill however is probably the most admired Englishman in the world shaddup Matt especially in the US. A major Hollywood blockbuster about the man would put prices through the roof for a while. Why not buy a dozen or so and speculate? It makes more sense than "investing" in junk silver.

If you make a killing, I accept PayPal or beer. I just love being right, especially when it makes the Internet's number one douchebag, Coinsoldier look like a full on retard. Non illegitimis carborundum est. Excellent advice for all coins. Make Numismatics Great Again! Much of the extent is probably due to terminology - By Numismatic investment, I mean investing in genuinely numismatic items as opposed to 'investment' bullion. Extreme examples would be confederate half dollars, gaudens, sammy lee tickeys, mary ryals, D nickels, etc etc.

However it's likely most of us can't afford to invest in extreme examples, so as an example I'm interested in charting information on more realistic examples. Obviously the methodology here is VERY rough, but it's what I mean by 'numismatic investment' which I believe can be done, and can beat many funds! I reckon it's possible to make good investments but more probable that you will lose your shirt.

Ask anyone who ever invested in sports cards or even stamps. People are using them for postage. UK key dates without any issues are always going to be a safe bet. The mintages are known and nobody is going to destroy their value by turning up a massive hoard of them. Demand for these coins always outsrips availibility. Of course one bad buy will wipe out your profits plus leave a big hole where your initial investment used to be. Sorry, just too many pitfalls for me. I think I've mentioned this before in another thread.

As with any collectable, the high-end will always increase in value because you have two markets: the collector and the investor. The lower to middle range items can drop because the sales of those are fuelled solely by the collector, someone who wants to buy it for the lowest price possible so they can add it to their collection, they want to pay as little as possible because they collect for enjoyment, not profit.

The high end items on the other hand have both the top level collectors, but also people who buy for an investment. They're usually willing to pay more, because they know that rare items are always going to be desirable and therefore increase in value. Phil mentioned stamps. This is a brilliant example. Those who collect stamps will know that the price of stamps has absolutely tanked in the last decade or so. You can pick up a decent collection for next to nothing. When I got them there were stamps dating back to the s and 10 years ago I probably would have had to pay several hundreds of dollars to get that collection These days the stamps are pretty much worthless because nobody wants to pay for individual stamps.

If coins are bought for future resale, we suggest a long-term hold strategy. The best returns are often realized by those who hold onto coins for a minimum of 3 to 5 years. Our professionals can help evaluate your holdings and determine the best way to sell your coins. We make the selling process quick, efficient, and effortless. The best-performing coins have an excellent combination of rarity and historical significance. Coins with an intriguing story and fascinating background are always in demand.

Both beginning and advanced collectors and investors are drawn to coins with an alluring historical connection. Extremely common coins are less likely to move in price—even if they have a great story—as supply will almost always cover demand. Coins with low populations often vanish from the marketplace and appreciate dramatically in value.

These coins have the most potential. In many cases, one can acquire rarer dates for a relatively modest premium. These coins offer the absolute best value. In hot markets, these rarer issues often leave the common dates in the dust. The scarce dates are the first to vanish from the marketplace and appreciate in value. As the expression goes, a rising tide will float all boats. Both common and rare dates will see a jump in price during an active market. However, the increases will not be equal.

The scarcer a coin is, the more likely it is to outperform. For as long as coins have been used as currency, counterfeiting has existed, too. Counterfeits can be divided into two major categories: contemporary and modern. While the term may be slightly misleading, contemporary counterfeits are older fakes that were made when the coin originally circulated. They mimicked the original coin so that they could be passed as money.

Modern counterfeits, on the other hand, were produced more recently to deceive collectors. One of the many benefits of third-party grading is that each coin is guaranteed authentic. Not only are they world-leading authorities on counterfeit detection, but they also possess sophisticated testing equipment. At ASI, the coins we sell undergo an extensive selection process and are chosen by our leading coin experts.

Furthermore, the numismatic coins we select are always graded and certified by PCGS or NGC, so you can be assured of their quality and legitimacy. As you can see, the market for numismatics is vast and presents a great opportunity for investors looking for an asset class that has considerable growth potential. To learn more about numismatic coin investing or to start your own portfolio, call us at or email us.

To learn even more about numismatic coins and to receive exclusive offers on these coins, sign up for our Numismatic Navigator newsletter here. Click here for all FAQs. For other products and services: www. Coins About Rare U. Coins Available U. Coins Sample U. Coin Portfolio Our U.

From an American standpoint, the landscape is divided into six basic categories: Ancient and Medieval: These are coins struck before the renaissance. The most popular items in this category are Greek and Roman pieces. Vintage World: Coins struck outside the United States between roughly and Modern World: Foreign non-U. Pieces struck in Australia, China, and Canada are among the most popular. American Colonial: Coins made in the U.

Mint was established American Federal: Coins struck by the U. Mint since but before The vast majority of rare U. American Modern: Coins struck by the U. Mint since This includes modern circulating coins and bullion pieces like gold and silver Eagles.

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Coin Collecting: How to Begin Collecting Investment Grade Coins and Currency investing in numismatics wowhead

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