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forex info pensionist

For more information on commencing a Pension, please click here. Lump Sum withdrawals when aged between 60 and 64 and "Retired". The alternative way to access. Benefits for retirees. Foreign pension income in Portugal is taxed at only 10% and most double taxation agreements (DTAs) grant exclusive taxation rights on. NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. pension funds that delayed rebalancing their portfolios are likely to pump about $ billion into stocks over the. HOTFOREX SLIPPAGE IN FOREX Extract the latter case in script, use -hostkey stopped working. From a with Family. Comodo IceDragon receive the and performance itself, the properties and time of from the. More information IP address Code settings again, says roughly 5.

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Feb 05, at pm. Jan 24, at am. Feb 04, at am. Dec 26, at pm. Dec 19, at am. Dec 22, at am. Dec 18, at pm. Your email address will not be published. Notify me when new comments are added. Let's get started. What is a Retirement Visa? Retire in Thailand, enjoy the good life. What Are the Retirement Visa Requirements? Note that you need a letter from your bank verifying the balance and a copy of your bank book. For example, let's say that you earn 50, a month. However, you would need to provide both the letter from the bank and the proof of income letter from your embassy British and US nationals are currently unable to obtain this income letter.

Photocopies of: photo page of passport, page showing visa, page showing last entry date into Thailand. Attach a passport photo and include phone number by your signature. Departure Card TM. Bank letter cannot be more than 3 days old. If using the lump sum application route, you'll need an updated photocopy of your bank book page that shows the balance. Obviously take your bank book along too. You must conduct 90 day reporting. This means you must report to an immigration office in Thailand every 90 days.

The address is reported on a TM48 form. Perhaps the most common mistake foreign nationals make when living in Thailand on a retirement visa is leaving the country without getting a re-entry permit. A re-entry permit can be obtained from an immigration office or the airport before leaving the country. How to Renew Your Retirement Visa Your retirement visa extension of stay based on retirement will last for one year.

Rules for Those Retiring with a Spouse Dependent It may be the case that you're a foreign couple who want to retire to Thailand. The visa holder is generally the male party. Getting Your Non Immigrant O Visa The most common pathway to getting the extension based on retirement is to obtain a Non Immigrant O Visa 90 day validity from your home country before you arrive Thailand. Visa application form Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months and at least 2 blank pages, as well as the photocopy of passport.

The actual passport must be submitted with visa application form. Two 2 recent photos taken within the past 6 months Supporting documents for the purpose of visit to Thailand. Please see details for each type. Getting a Retirement Visa O-A Instead You should also know that you can obtain a long-stay visa generally known as a retirement visa inside your home country.

Still got a question? Leave it in the comments below. More Tips for a Better Life in Thailand. Send Money to Thailand: Use Transferwise. Share it Tweet it Pin it Email it. The Thai Bites Newsletter. Receive my monthly roundup of posts with tips on living and traveling in Thailand. Last Updated on August 31, Comments Sort by : newest oldest Thanks Max. Am considering entering Thailand "visa exempt" and then applying for a non immigrant O. This because of difficulties communicating with my Thai bank for statements, etc.

Any comments on success rate of this method? If entering on a 30 days Visa exempt,you have a very short window of time to change visa at the local immigration office,you have to start at once incl transferring k to your bank account before applying for the change of visa. In my opinion, it's a bad idea. Apply for a 60 days tourist visa at home. Then you have more time. Can you provide any information regarding travel itinerary and roundtrip tickets. I am planning on entering Thailand on a 90 day visa, and having met the requirements for the 1 year retirement visa, converting to such after 60 days.

To enter Thailand on the 90 day visa, I read that a return ticket is required. If I plan to convert to a 1 year visa renewable , do I still need a roundtrip tickets. Also, once on a retirement visa, leaving the country with a reentry permit, will I be retired to again purchase an onward ticket? Thank you for so much valuable information. Where did you read that? It didn't used to be the case, unless you enter as a tourist.

However, if you need to get around that issue you can just reserve a return flight through One Way Fly. See here. Thanks so much for the info. When applying for a 60 days tourist visa eVisa you need to show evidence of a paid return ticket. This is not a requirement when applying for a 90 days Non-immigrant O visa eVisa based on for example retirement. Same goes when coming back using a re-entry permit.

I forgot to mention one thing: You are not converting your 90 days Non-immigrant O visa into a 1 year retirement visa. When you enter the kingdom, your visa is "USED", you're on a 90 days "permission of stay". What you're doing after 60 days at the local immigration office is extending your "permission of stay" one year. Im currently depositing the 65K or more monthly into Thai bank, so at the time of my next extension of stay I will have at least 12 consecutive months of deposits.

My questions 1 Is there any kind of rule thats says the 12 months deposts need to add up to K, or the 65K plus the balance need to add up to K? Kinda like the map thing, never seen it on an official list but immigration asked for a map to my address at my extension meeting.

When using the monthly deposit method it has to be at least 65k per month. This is not negotiable. You can also use the combination method,meaning a combination of pension and money in the bank. Pension and money in the bank must add up to at least k. This method is for some strange reason not accepted in every province. When using the money in the bank method the balance must not go below k the first 90 days after the extension, and never below k for the next 7 months.

Then top it up to k 2 months prior to next extension. This is also not negotiable. The map nonsense isn't mandatory in every province. Thanks for the response Max. I think all that is in the guidelines. Let me ask my question a different way. Then I spent 60K a month for living expenses, I would have a balance of K in my Thai bank account at the end on my 12 month period. So my question is, would that be acceptable to the Thai Immigration official?

I would have transferred 65K or more into a Thai bank for the 12 prior months, per the posted regulation. But I know my interpretation and the Thai Immigration official may not understand it the same way. Kinda like that famous drawing where there is a pic of an old women and young woman in the same pic, just depends on what you see. Thanks for all the help, always appreciated.

It depends what you want to do in year 2. What you describe would be enough for a 1 year extension of permission to stay. If you're only planning on staying 1 year then you can spend it down as you propose. If you want to stay longer then you have to continue to maintain your balance or transfer your monthly money. If you're not going to use the money in the bank method next year and go for monthly deposits,then you don't need to have any money in your account.

You need either the k or monthly deposits of at least 65k per month when you apply for the 1 year extension or a combination. This is an annual thing. It doesn't happen just one time. Hello, I am doing research on the retirement visa. By any chance, do you know how long have this type of visa launched?

I am curious if the required amount of deposit has ever been changed. Very informative sharing of you! Good work! There's been very few requirement-changes over the years regarding the 90 days Non-immigrant O Visa based on retirement and annual extensions based on retirement from an initial O Visa incl. But there's also the combination method it's not accepted in every province, though where you can use a combination of your pension and money in the bank.

It has to total k per year. It's a good choice if you haven't got 65k per month or k in the bank. A simple question if I may. I will be arriving soon on an e-visa printout Non-O. Just get in the normal immigration queue.

I get the next step is do the extension of stay for the Annual Renewal. I also get the 90 day check-in, money in the bank i have a bank account already , insurance requirement. Here's where I'm stuck The other thing I want to know, can I get a "Sticker" visa is my passport Non-O now rather than carry the paper around, or am I stuck with the pdf file forever?

Entry" visa. For now I put a copy of the pdf file on my phone, no printout. According to the consulate site, the 90 day Non-O is single entry, but I want to travel in Asia as it opens and think the multiple entry streamlines the process and removes the "re-entry" paperwork you warn about doing before trips.

One more question, If I stay in hotels what paperwork should I use to prove my address? I wanted to thank you for your site, it is my go to site for trying to sort this stuff out as I do my first round of renewals, 90 days check-ins and such. After the first complete loop through I think it will make more sense Thanks Peter. An O-visa is not a long stay,that's the O-A. The Non-immigrant O is just a 90 days visa which after 60 days can be extended another year.

So, which visa do you have? The forms you need, you can google and download and fill in using a computer and then print out or go to your local immigration office and get them. The TM47 is the form for your first 90 days report,the TM7 for the 1 year extension and the TM30 for reporting your permanent address in Thailand. There are no single or multi-entry visas when applying for the 1 year extension. If leaving the country you must get a single re-entry permit or a multiple re-entry permit.

Otherwise your visa will be void. When you get your 1 year extension you'll get a stamp in your passport. If immigration will replace your current pdf-visa if it's a 90 days visa with a stamp is a good question because the eVisa is a quite new thing. You don't need to do anything when it comes to your address when travelling in Thailand, but you need to report your permanent address in Thailand at your local immigration office before the first extension if your current visa is a 90 days Non-immigrant using the TM30 form.

That's the address you're verifying when you're doing your 90 days report. You can only belong to one immigration office unless you're moving to another province. Then you have to report your new address to the new local immigration office to be able to do the 90 days report and next 1 year extension. Good luck. I have the Non-O visa, an eVisa. I think I confused the visa and the re-entry permit for single or multiple re-entry, thanks for clearing that up.

I found the forms online yesterday. Using the quarantine time to find them … Very helpful reply, thanks so much. Couple questions, can my permanent address be a hotel until I decide where to live. Not sure of the city yet. My eVisa was issued 27 Dec , visa must be used by 26 Mar are the dates on it. Does that mean I file for the 1yr extension in April? Somehow I thought the used by date was the date I needed to work to for filing my extension of stay application.

Sorry about the questions, came here a few times pre covid and did some logistics, setting up a bank acct, doctor, dentist, tried to get a driver license but ran out of time. So this is my first loop through the living here process. Again thanks, your reply was extremely helpful. You can stay in a hotel but you still need to submit the TM30 report before the extension. You need the hotel to give you something official showing you're staying there. It's not about the city, it's about the province.

Apply for the extension days into your 90 days visa,don't do it later,and your papers need to be in order. Check with immigration you've got what's needed. There will normally be a lot to copy. The k must be in the account 2 months prior to the day of application. This is NOT negotiable at immigration, hence very important.

No money, no 1 year extension. You also need a bank letter from your bank showing the k in the account. It's best if you get the bank letter or bank guarantee as they also call it the same day you apply for the extension. Your bank book must be updated same day. Some immigration offices wants you to do a transaction the same day. Just withdraw 2, baht from an ATM before entering the bank. Thanks Max. The money part I understand, and the health insurance. You said start about roughly 60 days into the 90 days.

Refer to paragragh above. Would my 90 days end on the March 26, , or on the April 25, Did I must need to initiate my first 90 days by March 26, ? Thanks again, J. You start counting from the day of arrival,see the entry stamp. About insurance, there's no mandatory insurance when applying for the 1 year extension on an initial 90 days Non-immigrant O Visa. Immigration won't mention it. But you can of course get one when in Thailand if you want. I think my confusion was that i was interpreting the eVisa use by date as the end date.

And having what i thought was a visa end date that ended sooner than the entry stamp end date, seemed to give me confusion. Also i woukd hat to show in April if I should have wormed to the March date. Not a great way to start off. Thanks for your patience with me.

Your 90 days started when you arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Now you're on a so called "permission of stay",it means your visa is used. The same when you extend your stay for another year. It's your permission of stay that's extended, not your Visa.

This is a very common misunderstanding among tourists or expats in Thailand. Hi I am looking at moving to thailand in June with an o visa based other fact my wife is thai and my daughter half thai we all live in the UK at the moment..

I am concerned I don't have enough initially to qualify. If you're thinking about using the money in the bank method,you do need k in your Thai bank account 60 days prior to your application for your 1 year extension. That's not negotiable at immigration. No money no extension. That gives you until one month after your arrival in June to top up your account to k. Just thought I would share. I did not get a Visa sticker in my passport, just and Extension of Stay stamp saying I can stay one more year.

That's normal procedure because you extended your permission of stay. You don't have a visa. However, you would need to provide both the letter from the bank and the proof of income letter from your embassy British and US nationals are.

Yes, the combination method is accepted. Some immigration offices also wants to know the source of the deposits. The bank letter just verifies you as the account holder and the balance. If you are on a retirement visa is there a minimum amount of time you have to be in Thailand for the year or the five year period?

No minimum amount of time as long as the Visa is valid. If you come to Thailand on a regular basis, the still existing Non-immigrant O is in my opinion the best choice. Thanks for that Max , I have an elderly mother who I will most likely need to spend indeterminate amounts of time with over the next few years.

If I want to spend the majority of my time in Thailand but have the flexibility to come and go as required I was thinking the retirement visa would be best as tourist visas seem to be capped at 60 to 90 days and I want to live in Thailand? If there are other options I would be interested to know them? If you're coming back at least once per year, your Non-immigrant O Visa based on retirement a 1 year extension will still be valid as long as you get a re-entry permit when leaving and are coming back before the "permission of stay" expires.

The 1 year extension cost only baht at the local immigration office and so far no health insurance is needed. Hotels are required to report every foreign guest that checks in. Your proof of address at your first day report will be whatever hotel you are staying in.

No problem :. Depending on which immigration office you will belong to, they might ask for a TM30 even if the hotel has submitted one online. You can officially come and go as you please on 30 days visa exempts,but immigration might not like it if it happens frequency without an explanation. A re-entry permit expires if your, for example 1 year extension expires. You must come back before the extension expires.

If leaving the country several times a year while on a "permission of stay", you can apply for a multiple re- entry permit. It cost 3, baht. Several entries during a year on 30 days visa exempts won't affect an application for a "permission of stay" not a visa based on retirement in the future. Hi, can you tell me if a retirement visa with dependent spouse is possible if you are long term partners not married? Also is is possible to start with a visa with a dependent and change to two individual retirement visas when more finance becomes available?

Thank you for any help. You have to be married. The reason for the 1 year extension can be changed when the current extension expires. From for example based on marriage to based on retirement. Is that option still open? And could it be done with just coming in on a tourist visa do you think?

If coming in on a 60 days tourist visa,you can change the visa to a 90 days Non-immigrant O Visa based on retirement at the local immigration office. Then extend it 1 year based on retirement. If using an agent if possible , you have to pay for two applications. Having k in the bank for immigration issues is quite ok when living here full term.

It's not a lot of money and you get interest on the money twice a year. Back home several saving accounts are without any interest what so ever since many years. I have a O A retirement visa and have lived here for 16 years. I plan to go back to visit family in Canada for Christmas and return on January My retirement renewal date is February 2.

Is there a problem if my re-entry into Thailand is too close to the visa renewal date. I have a valid multi re-entry permit stamp in my passport. Thank you. No, as long as you enter before the expiry date you'll be fine. How can 13 days be too close to the renewal date?

If you have every document in order, you'll be fine, but don't stretch it any further. Apply for the extension as soon as you get back. Thanks so much for the information and suggestion. My retirement visa expires in mid-November. If I apply 45 days in advance, will the renewal commence from the application date for example, October 1 , or from the date the original visa expires November 15? I was at LA county court, but charge is 40usd, but I don't want to pay for if Thai consulate asks for different criminal record.

I don't know where to get it Please, help. When I did it, the regs asked for a state or federal check. The Feebs took months so I went with Washington state. I don't think county will cut it. That charge seems about right. Why would you even consider applying for an O-X Visa?

It gives you no benefits in Thailand what so ever. You pay a lot for nothing. On top of that you need an expensive mandatory Thai health insurance which has to be extended annualy. You still have to visit immigration every 90 days.

Why not start with a 90 days Non-immigrant O Visa based on retirement from back home? That Visa can after 60 days get extended 12 months. If leaving Thailand you just get a re-entry permit. That way your 'permission to stay' won't expire. Even if it expires and you have to start all over again, it's better and much much cheaper than the O-X Visa.

Please advise what is the time validity of income letter from embassy for Thai retirement visa renewal. Is it good for 1 week or 2 weeks or? Canadians are still required to obtain this letter. The validity is normally 6 months. Everyone needs the income letter when using the monthly income method, except for people from the US,UK and Australia who can't obtain it anymore.

I've got a question about the O Retirement visa that I have not been able to answer on my own. And that is: Is there a limit to the number of O Retirement visas you can get? For example, say I was planning to retire in Thailand and wanted a visa that said so.

I'm not quite ready yet because of getting the financial requirements in place, but I would like to start getting some things set up like opening a second bank account, and getting a driver's license which can be easier with an O visa than on a TV or visa exemption. Would I be allowed to get an O Retirement stay my 90 days without extending it and then get another to do similar things or when I make my move in a few years?

I can't see anything in the rules that would preclude this but also have seen exactly no stories of anyone who has or tried and was refused. You can apply for a 90 days Non-immigrant O Visa every year if you want. Many people just uses that Visa for 90 days in Thailand. I did it several times years ago. You don't have to extend the stay 1 year based on retirement. I figured you'd have the answer!

Thanks for help with this. Do I need to get additional health insurance on top of this? Thanks Brian. My husband is going to get another year of retirement visa and I under 50, not Thai want to piggy back on his retirement visa. I'm currently on ed visa. As far as I know, I don't need to provide k bank statement in my own Thai account. Is that correct? I've heard some people say that in order to get a dependent visa, I also need my financial proof, but I haven't read about this information anywhere.

No, you don't need any financial proof what so ever. But from 50 years of age or if it is 51, I'm not sure you can't piggy back on your husband anymore. FYI, your husbands "Permission to stay" is extended another year, it's not a Visa. I also would like to know that 1.

Thanks a lot for your time. Just write something saying you're applying for the extension as a dependant on your retired husband xxxxxxxxx. Depending on where you're staying in Thailand and the local immigration office,they might ask for a legalized marriage license. This is now a requirement at Jomtien immigration in Pattaya.

This is new from this year, but I don't know if the requirement is nationwide. I read about it at Pattaya City Expats Club's website. Google pcec pattaya. I have been told that this has been changed to the letter being dated the day or your visa renewal.

Which is correct? Everything is up to the local immigration office. Several offices wants the bank letter to be dated the same day as the day of extension or the day before. The bank book has to be updated the same day and show same balance as the bank letter. But if using the bank book it must have been updated on a regular basis.

If not, some deposits and or withdrawals might be combined. Meaning, you won't see every deposit and withdrawal. This is something immigration don't like, and a 12 months bank statement must be obtained. I know for sure there are immigration offices which doesn't allow bank book copies. It can be made only once you have changed your tax residency to Portugal. If you have a value-added activity, you should have evidence available if this is ever required.

Otherwise, you will need to apply for a residence visa or permit. Resident visas are applied for from outside of Portugal and allow you to travel into the country. The residence permits are valid for longer and can lead to permanent residency and citizenship. Early cross-border financial planning is crucial and will help you avoid costly mistakes later. Some things to consider before you make the move:. Early planning is essential to reap the benefits of this programme. Contact a wealth advisor.

More in this section What is the non-habitual resident programme? What is the non-habitual resident programme? What are the advantages for non-habitual residents in Portugal? How to qualify for the NHR programme To qualify for NHR status, you need to have the right to live in Portugal and you need to be a new Portuguese tax resident you cannot have been a Portuguese tax resident in the five years preceding your application.

Frequently asked questions. The Portuguese tax year coincides with the calendar year and runs from 1 January to 31 December. Plan for your move to Portugal Early cross-border financial planning is crucial and will help you avoid costly mistakes later. Some things to consider before you make the move: You cannot register for the NHR if you are already a tax resident in Portugal or if you were a Portuguese tax resident in the previous five years, so you should be prepared to register before you submit your declaration and first tax return with the Portuguese tax office.

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Trading Octafx Deddy Corbuzier Penipuan? Ilegal? Betulkah? - Review Forex

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      trending strategies for forex

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