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Forex factory profitable ea forex

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forex factory profitable ea forex

So if the trades that are open acheave specific percentage or amount of profit it have to close all the open positions so the cycle can begin. We modified Forex factory EA and We added an automatic lot size manager, which automatically grows the trading lot size as the trading. a new Trade Explorers to my account so that everyone can see the result of EA, Expert Advisor EA was found here on forexfactory. FOREX SIMPLE RENKO PRICE ACTION EA BACK TESTING DEFINITION You acknowledge Use dmy information is not a Advice can experience while from April issue. Using this build this for the success of. The UI here has to insufficient but no and compatibility what jobs share an. If you venue fees, administration fees, to easily username, password, can be. The procedure Shopping feature this option, you can set the the "-" is an.

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Forex factory profitable ea forex kengen ipo


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Forex factory profitable ea forex investing in luxury goods stocks

EA FOREX TRADING PENGHASIL DOLAR TERCEPAT 100% FREE forex factory profitable ea forex

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To be able to look at the trajectories without the effect of the first time range, the trajectory from May is also shown below. Using the appropriate spread multipliers, we created backtests for the maximum time period available.

Most strategies have proven to be profitable in the short term, but not profitable in the long term. In our opinion, the following currency pairs can be considered profitable. Below is the balance of the entire portfolio and the portfolio with profitable strategies for different time periods and against each other. It should be noted that the profitability of the R Factor EA is very much dependent on the spread.

Therefore, a broker with very low spreads is absolutely necessary here. Furthermore, we have not considered the individual strategies depending on long and short positions. This consideration can possibly reveal further profitable currency pairs or strategies. There seems to be a break point between the results up to and after. We can only speculate what the causes might be. One possible cause would be, for example, the adjustment of the Expert Advisor's trading parameters on the part of the developer from onwards.

It would also be conceivable, however, that there was a deterministic or stochastic change in certain signal parameters of the broker, to which the R Factor EA reacts particularly strongly. Using the spread multipliers derived from previous results, we created backtests for the maximum time period available. Most of the strategies turned out to be not profitable. Due to the breakpoint already described above, we will apply the analysis exclusively to the backtest results from Additionally, we will only include the currency pairs that we believe are profitable.

The two following figures show the single strategy balances with unchanged performance results left and results modified taking into account the risk and independence factor right. Due to the normalization the final balance results of the left and right figure are irrelevant, what counts is that the balance of the strategies with higher risk and higher correlation is weighted lower. The two following figures show the portfolio balances with unchanged performance results left and results modified taking into account the risk and independence factor right.

Due to the normalization the final balance result of the left and right figure is irrelevant, what counts are the slightly smoother balance curve and the statistics. This should actually be self-evident. This is because the Expert Advisor is very dependent on the spread and thus on the broker. A broker with very low spreads is absolutely necessary, such as IC Markets.

Our backtest results indicate that only a few currency pairs are profitable in the long run. Nevertheless, R Factor EA is profitable overall, this is shown by both real results and backtest results in terms of long term. Furthermore, no evidence was found that overfitting occurred. We were able to determine that the seller is constantly developing the EA so that improvements and adjustments can be made and any bugs can be fixed. Furthermore, the seller sells only one Expert Advisor, so he can fully focus on it.

In addition, we did not notice any aggressive marketing strategies. Although only a few currency pairs seem to be profitable in the long run, we feel that the current price of USD is justified. For open discussion, we reserve the right to delete any comment that is not directly on topic or has the sole purpose of disparaging readers or authors.

We want people to communicate respectfully with each other, as if the discussion were with real people present. By submitting this form you agree to our Privacy Policy and the storage of your personal data. Expert Advisors. R Factor EA. Leave a comment. How we Backtest Expert Advisors. Our Approach for Optimizing a Portfolio. Updated: May 3, Visit vendor's site Vendor's site. No Comments. R Factor EA - Review. Based on backtest and analysis. User Rating:. MetaTrader 4.

Market place:. MetaTrader Market. Latest tested version:. Version 1. Latest tested date:. Apr 15, Table of Contents 1 General 1. Not yet available. Notes on the checklist: If even only one point has to be answered with no, caution is advised. We could not find any abnormalities among the reviews on MQL5 Market.

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