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marcelo gameiro forex peace

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The European hedgehog, Erinaceus europaeus, is frequently admitted to rescue centres in the UK. With many overwintering in captivity, there is cause to investigate hibernation patterns in order to inform and improve husbandry and monitoring protocols. Thirty-five hedgehogs were studied Since , the mission of Space Coast Therapy Dogs has been to lift spirits, remove anxiety, provide companionship, and eliminate loneliness and despair with incredible volunteers and their companion dogs.

We are a local organization based in Brevard County Florida comprised of certified Journal Articles Contributor s : Oitshepile M. Human—wildlife conflicts are increasing globally. The increase in conflicts has been attributed to growing human and wildlife populations and a per capita increase in the consumption of natural resources.

In Botswana, conflicts between humans and elephants Loxodonta africana are Although leptospirosis has been considered a major concern in urban areas, no study to date has spatially and simultaneously compared both owner and dog serology in households of major cities. Accordingly, the aim of the present study was to assess the seroprevalence of Leptospira A comprehensive study on the behavioral effects of feeding enrichment was conducted on six African elephants housed at the North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro, NC.

The herd is comprised of are two adult males, three adult females, and one subadult female. The study was conducted over a Journal Articles Contributor s : Lisette M. Leliveld, Giorgio Provolo. For on-farm welfare assessment many automatic methods have been developed to detect indicators of reduced welfare. However, there is still a need to integrate data from single sources to obtain a complete picture of the welfare of an animal.

This review offers a basis for developing integrated Journal Articles Contributor s : Katherine A. Miller, Emily D. Dolan, Victoria A. Cussen, Pamela J. It is commonly believed that underweight or emaciated dogs are predisposed to food aggression toward humans. The dogs range from emaciated to overweight. The New Zealand Department of Conservation is seeking to better manage coastal wildlife interactions as dogs become more prevalent on beaches with vulnerable wildlife.

Massive open online courses MOOCs offer a unique platform through which Extension can provide valuable education. We explored The Meat We Eat, a MOOC designed to create a more informed meat consumer and increase perceptions of transparency surrounding meat production. Compared to pretest My STEP Signature Project was a day education abroad trip to Ireland, focusing on the role of animals in our society and how history, government, geography and infrastructure can impact cultural development and the use of land and animals in different societies.

This commentary provides a brief review of the history of contraceptive research eff orts for feral horses Equus ferus caballus as well as the contraceptives and sterilization techniques currently available for feral horses. Porcine zona pellucida PZP immunocontraceptives have received the The feral cat has been implicated in the decline and extinction of many species worldwide and a range of strategies have been devised for its control.

Evaluations of enrichment are critical to determine if an enrichment program is meeting stated goals. To evaluate enrichment for four aardvarks housed with a natural light Perceptions of animals in primary school children. This study aimed to verify the perceptions of animals in 88 children, aged between 8 and 10, attending the 3rd and 4th years in primary school. A large municipal animal shelter in NYC gave dogs low doses of trazodone hydrochloride at the time of intake to evaluate its efficacy in reducing transitional stress.

Statistically significant decreases in illness rate and length of stay and increase in adoption rate were observed in the dogs Bit by Bit provides a safe, regularly scheduled equine experience for individuals with special needs. We use equestrian activities to engage the bodies, minds, and spirits of people facing challenges in their lives.

Certified professional instructors, trained volunteers, and skilled Information concerning the factors affecting the circulation and distribution of free-roaming dogs is crucial in developing control actions and limiting the spread of zoonoses. The present study analyzes the influence of gender, sterilization, and environment on the spatial distribution of Adopting a social science perspective and qualitative methodology on the problem of laboratory fish welfare, this paper examines some underlying social factors and drivers that influence thinking, priorities and implementation of fish welfare initiatives and the 3Rs Replacement, Reduction and The Mane Intent Inc.

Engage in on-the-ground, horse-based activities no previous horse experience is required for a renewed heart, mind, body and spirit. The international demand for ivory has devastated African elephant populations. In , more elephants were poached for ivory than were born. Many countries have sought to decrease poaching pressures through ivory trade bans. However, Zimbabwe, home to the second largest African elephant The commentators generally agreed on the existence of dog emotions, but the diversity and quality of dog emotions, as well as the influence of human social cognition on perceiving dog emotions, Journal Articles Contributor s : Silvan R.

Urfer, Matt Kaeberlein. Background: Desexing dogs is promoted for population control, preventative healthcare, and behavior modification. GnRH superagonist implants are available in some areas. Alternative methods like vasectomy and Journal Articles Contributor s : Kathryn R. Carroll, Roland J. Thorpe Jr. Background: Animal-assisted intervention AAI programs, used widely for patient benefit, have increasingly been used for healthcare workers HCW to reduce occupational stress.

However, there are barriers to these programs which limit their utilization, for both patients and HCW, Normando, Wang Yanqing, Dennis C. The current pandemic has brought a lot of social and economic strains to families worldwide, as well as making a huge impact on the long- term care of companion animals. The current study explored differences in the attachment level of owners toward their pets and their perceived stress before Journal Articles Contributor s : Wagner, C. Animal-assisted interventions AAIs have been shown to be effective in the treatment of pain.

Studies suggest that relationships with animals can have comparable qualities to relationships with humans and that this enables animals to provide social support. Further, the presence of an animal Cattle production necessitates potentially dangerous human—animal interactions. Cattle are physically strong, large animals that can inflict injuries on humans accidentally or through aggressive behaviour.

This study provides a systematic review of literature relating to farm management Journal Articles Contributor s : Taylor, P. Increased environmental complexity can improve animal welfare, depending on the resources provided and use by the animal. Human-animal interaction HAI can be valuable for captive animals, and many zoo-housed species benefit from interactions with their keepers.

There is also an increasing body of evidence that some animal species possess personalities that are temporally consistent. However, the majority of zoo Arousal and distress are often important factors in problematic behaviours, and endogenous corticosteroids are important mediators in the associated stress responses. Exogenous corticosteroid treatments have been reported to change behaviour in human patients and laboratory animals, with Human-animal interaction HAI has been observed to effectively reduce stress and induce positive emotions owing to the process of directly petting and interacting with animals.

Interaction with virtual animals has recently emerged as an alternative due to the limitations in general physical Journal Articles Contributor s : Merenda, V. The objective of this study was to explore perspectives and attitudes about euthanasia specific to the Brazilian dairy cattle industry. Twenty-five Brazilian citizens 13 veterinarians, 4 animal scientists, 3 professors, 3 researchers, 1 dairy owner, and 1 caretaker participated in one of Exploring how veterinary professionals perceive and use grief support resources to support companion animal caregivers in Ontario, Canada.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Matte, A. Objective: The aim of this study was to qualitatively explore veterinary professionals' use and perceptions of grief resources and services to support companion animal caregivers following companion animal euthanasia. Background: The loss of a companion animal can be a source of great sorrow Dog training alleviates PTSD symptomatology by emotional and attentional regulation.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Maoz, I. In recent years, non-pharmacological approaches and specifically animal-assisted therapy have been shown to Journal Articles Contributor s : Mahero, M. Diagnosing the causative agent of febrile illness in resource-limited countries is a challenge in part due to lack of adequate diagnostic infrastructure to confirm cause of infection.

While Korea has avoided nationwide lockdown measures since the COVID outbreak, the prolonged restrictions and social isolation measures have resulted in detrimental This study examined to what extent the human—animal bond HAB had a positive impact on stress and self-esteem among detained juveniles participating in the prison-based dog training program Dutch Cell Dogs DCD. Although there is evidence that pets may help individuals who are facing significant daily stressors, little is known about the benefits of pet-friendly practices for their owners' well-being.

Based on the social exchange theory and on the Rusbult investment model, we argue that Journal Articles Contributor s : Jenkins, J. Reliability of internet information on bite behavior of domestic dogs. Journal Articles Contributor s : Ito, K. Many dog owners who are dealing with behavioral problems in their dog look for solutions on the internet. However, the quality of the information available online has not yet been assessed. Therefore, in this study, we comprehensively collected information available online on behavior Overimitation in dogs: is there a link to the quality of the relationship with the caregiver?

Journal Articles Contributor s : Huber, L. Overimitation, the copying of causally irrelevant or non-functional actions, is well-known from humans but completely absent in other primates. Recent studies from our lab have provided evidence for overimitation in canines. Previously, we found that half of tested pet dogs copied their human Separation-related behaviours SRBs , including but not limited to vocalisation, pacing, destruction and toileting, occur in the absence of human company.

As part Dignity is a universal principle that requires us to treat every person as having worth beyond who a particular person is or what they do. Dignity is a complex and sometimes contested idea, that at times can be compromised in health care and allegedly also within the practice of outdoor Journal Articles Contributor s : Groot, B. Health researchers increasingly work with patients in a participatory fashion. Active patient involvement throughout the research process can provide epistemic justice to patients who have often only had an informant role in traditional health research.

This study aims to conduct participatory Dogs at school: a quantitative analysis of parental perceptions of canine-assisted activities in schools mediated by child anxiety score and use case. Canine-assisted activities in schools can benefit students' educational, emotional, and social needs. Furthermore, they could be an effective form of non-clinical mental health treatment for children and adolescents. In the United Kingdom, school dogs are growing in popularity, however, Zootherapy as a potential pathway for zoonotic spillover: a mixed-methods study of the use of animal products in medicinal and cultural practices in Nigeria.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Friant, S. To date, studies have primarily focused on the most visible forms of human-animal contact e. Associations between dairy herds' qualitative behavior and aspects of herd health, stockperson and farm factors-a cross-sectional exploration. Journal Articles Contributor s : Ebinghaus, A. The affective state is an integrated aspect of farm animal welfare, which is understood as the animals' perception of their living environment and of their internal biological functioning.

The aim of this cross-sectional study was to explore animal-internal and external factors potentially Journal Articles Contributor s : de Visser, E. To understand how to improve interactions with dog-like robots, we evaluated the importance of "dog-like" framing and physical appearance on interaction, hypothesizing multiple interactive benefits of each.

We assessed whether framing Aibo as a puppy i. This study explored a possible relationship between the circulating oxytocin, cortisol, and the willingness of dairy cows to engage in social behaviors with humans in an experimental context. The behaviors of twenty-nine cows were recorded during the impossible task paradigm, a procedure aimed There is consensus that the quality of the human—animal relationship HAR is relevant to guarantee appropriate levels of animal welfare.

Given the impact that HAR may have on both goats and human beings, the aim of the present review is to elucidate: 1 how humans and goats communicate; Poultry farming is a significant source of revenue generation for small farmers in developing countries. It plays a vital role in fulfilling the daily protein requirements of humans through meat and eggs consumption.

Although there are a variety of psychological and therapeutic approaches to coping Autism Spectrum Disorder, people with autism still face some challenges in a "normal" therapy setting. Some therapy organizations and services have proposed an alternative therapy approach, Healthcare settings have recently increased the use of companion animals in the workplace to provide emotional support to people with disabilities, but there is limited empirical research on the effects of these programs on healthcare workers.

However, it is reasonable to speculate that Journal Articles Contributor s : Acharya, R. A negative human-animal relationship HAR from the perspective of the animal is a limiting factor affecting farm animal welfare, as well as farm animal productivity. Research in farm animals has elucidated sequential relationships between stockperson attitudes, stockperson behaviour, farm Journal Articles Contributor s : Acebes, F.

Dog-assisted interventions DAI are those that include specially trained dogs in human health services. Often, the training methods employed to train animals for DAI are transmitted between trainers, so the latest scientific research on dog learning and cognition is not always taken into The effects of Animal Assisted Therapy on autonomic and endocrine activity in adults with autism spectrum disorder: A randomized controlled trial.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Wijker, C. Pet ownership supports quality of life in home-dwelling people with Alzheimer's disease. Empathy and perception of animal welfare among Mexican students of professions related to the use, management and care of animalsEmpatia y percepcion del bienestar animal entre estudiantes mexicanos de profesiones relacionadas al uso, manejo y cuidad.

Bigotry and the human—animal divide: Dis belief in human evolution and bigoted attitudes across different cultures. Can hippotherapy make a difference in the quality of life of children with cerebral palsy? A pragmatic study. Journal Articles Contributor s : Rousseau, C.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Polegato, E. Institutional persistence despite cultural change: a historical case study of the re-categorization of dogs in Germany. Dogs, kids, and cancer: how dogs are helping. Manualized equine-assisted therapy protocol for clients with autism spectrum disorder. Assessment of university policies for service animals and emotional support animals. Journal Articles Contributor s : Lanning, B. Responsible ownership of companion animals under the One Health approach.

Compilation studyTenencia responsable de animales de compania bajo el enfoque Una Salud. Estudio recopilativo. Journal Articles Contributor s : Hugues, B. Selection for reduced fear of humans changes intra-specific social behavior in red junglefowl - implications for chicken domestication.

Are multi-cat homes more stressful? A critical review of the evidence associated with cat group size and wellbeing. Journal Articles Contributor s : Finka, L. Give the dog a big bone: Magnitude but not delivery method of food impacts preference and reinforcer efficacy in dogs.

Exploring the therapeutic opportunities, challenges and psychological mechanisms of integrating dogs into psychological therapies with adults. Intestinal parasites and risk factors in dogs and cats from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Arruda, I. A lack of national legislation for cat management in New Zealand poses challenges for ensuring that practices are consistently humane and effective. In this paper, we review the current cat management policies in New Zealand and the implications they have on the welfare of free-roaming cats Correction to: Hearing dogs for people with severe and profound hearing loss: a wait-list design randomised controlled trial investigating their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Stuttard, L. Social Policy Research Unit, Animal history: an interview with Professor Harriet Ritvo. It was in the s that a new field in historical studies began to emerge, the animal history, or more specifically the history of human-animal relations. Harriet Ritvo - an eminent American historian and Emeritus Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology - is a pioneer in this field About Numerous studies have suggested pet ownership has physical, mental, and social health benefits, though much of this research Strategies to perform magnetic resonance imaging in infants and young children without sedation.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Harrington, S. Given the increasing use of MRI in the pediatric population, the need for sedation in MRI performed in young children is a topic of growing importance. Although sedation is generally tolerated well by children, the financial and operational impacts of anesthesia on MRI workflow, as well as Free-roaming dogs are a worldwide problem, with Chile having some of the highest human-to-dog ratios in the world.

In , Law The objectives of this article are to describe and discuss Evaluation of resting cortisol concentration testing in dogs with chronic gastrointestinal signs. Journal Articles Contributor s : Gallego, A. Quality of life QoL assessment in companion animals is an essential aspect of veterinary medicine that helps guide treatment decisions and ensures optimal animal welfare. Veterinarians and pet owners can use disease-specific or generic QoL assessment tools to evaluate an individual Wanna See My Dog Pic?

Online dating applications offer new ways for people to search for social contacts. Our objective is to determine the extent to which, and how, zoos recognize the intrinsic value An exploratory assessment of human and animal health concerns of smallholder farmers in rural communities of Chimborazo, Ecuador.

Understanding the animal and human health concerns of smallholder farmers is important in guiding strategies for improvement Scientific assessment of the impacts of trapping on mammal welfare is necessary to inform cost-benefit analyses of using traps in wildlife management, improve trap performance and trapping processes and develop international trap standards.

The Sharp and Saunders humaneness assessment model was Modern herpetoculture has seen a rise in welfare-related habitat modifications, although ethologically-informed enclosure design and evidence-based husbandry are lacking.

The diversity that exists within snakes complicates standardizing snake welfare assessment tools and evaluation techniques Journal Articles Contributor s : Yordy, M. Effects of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum PS on alleviating canine aggression and separation anxiety.

Relationships between owner and household characteristics and enrichment and cat behaviour. Effects of learning an increasing number of odors on olfactory learning, memory and generalization in detection dogs. Personalized dominance — a questionnaire-based analysis of the associations among personality traits and social rank of companion dogs.

Validation of automatic systems for monitoring the licking behaviour in Angus and Brahman cattle. Biological and cultural history of domesticated dogs in the Americas. Discrimination between two chromatic colors in sika deer. Out-of-season breeding and ewe-lamb bond from birth to weaning in Corriedale sheep. Pigs' skin lesions at weaning are primarily caused by standoff and being bullied instead of unilateral active attack at the individual level. Consequences of nescient mating: Artificial insemination increases cub rejection in the giant panda Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

Frog in the well: A review of the scientific literature for evidence of amphibian sentience. Effects of environmental enrichment on recognition memory in zebrafish larvae. Limb loss and feeding ability in the juvenile mud crab Scylla olivacea: Implications of limb autotomy for aquaculture practice. Journal Articles Contributor s : Decina, E. Animal-assisted interventions in universities: a scoping review of implementation and associated outcomes.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Cooke, E. Insect-repelling behaviour in horses in relation to insect prevalence and access to shelters. Accelerometer derived rumination monitoring detects changes in behaviour around parturition. How does temperature affect aggression during and after dominance hierarchy formation in Nile tilapia? Cooperative Conservation to Enhance Human—wildlife Interactions. Journal Articles Contributor s : Steven B. Tillis, Marley E.

Iredale, April L. Childress, Erin A. Graham, James F. Wellehan, Ramiro Isaza, Robert J. Ball pythons Python regius are one of the most commonly kept and bred reptiles in captivity. In a large ball python breeding colony, a unique syndrome characterized by granulomatous inflammation of the cloaca and hemipenes phalli was observed in of Assessment of the transfer of antimicrobial resistance between pets and humans in Norway.

Urbanisation, the Peri-urban Growth and Zoonotic Disease. Ebola has had significant, negative effects in the rapidly expanding, unregulated areas of peri-urban and urban West Africa. The residents of these areas maintain vital connections with rural populations while intermingling with and living in close proximity to urban and elite populations Multiple-use Management of Western U.

Rangelands: Wild Horses, Wildlife, and Livestock. Since , the U. Congress has legislated the treatment and management of wild horses Equus ferus caballus and burros E. While the legislation has ensured WHB a place as western rangeland icons, subsequent congressional actions, in response to public lobbying, have limited Non-invasive techniques can be applied for monitoring the physiology and behaviour of wildlife in Zoos to improve management and welfare.

Thermal imaging technology has been used as a non-invasive technique to measure the body temperature of various domesticated and wildlife species. In this Atlas fundamentally expands access to assistance dogs. We support people with disabilities to train and certify their own service dog using positive, ethical training methods.

At Atlas, we believe anyone who would benefit from a qualified assistance dog should be able to have one. The Avon Riding Centre was founded by Stella Saywell, one of the first physiotherapists that were involved in therapeutic riding even before the formation of the Riding for the Disabled Association in Conflicts with wild animals are increasing as human populations grow and related anthropogenic activities encroach into wildlife habitats.

A good example of this situation is the increase in conflicts between humans and sloth bears Melursus ursinus in India. Sloth bears are known for their Journal Articles Contributor s : Gary W. We conducted a survey to assess parasite control programs used by three groups of horse owners.

Journal Articles Contributor s : James A. Vance, Walter H. Smith, Gabrielle L. Mitigating wildlife—vehicle collisions WVCs is becoming a major wildlife conservation focus, particularly in areas characterized by increased anthropogenic development. Concomitantly, wildlife managers and transportation planners need better information regarding spatiotemporal patterns The aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of procedures successfully used in human related applied behaviour analysis practices to the field of clinical animal behaviour.

Experiment 1 involved functional analyses to identify the reinforcement contingencies This study looked at two groups of dogs, one which attended play group prior to receiving their behavior evaluation and one that did not. The group that attended play group showed significantly lower scores when looking at the dog to dog portion of the behavior evaluation.

Despite the massive neutering campaigns in the world, there is Human-animal interactions HAI are an integral part of society and have become the topic of many discussions across a variety of contexts, including: media, scientific research, food production, one health, conservation, and welfare and behavior.

Many argue that the resilience and It is the smallest member of the porpoise family endemic to the upper part of the Gulf of California. The current population is estimated at less than 30 individuals. The primary reasons for the species Researchers, not dogs, lack control in an experiment on jealousy. Cook and colleagues have developed a clever method to measure fMRI in awake dogs in response to a number of interesting stimuli.

As a result, they are able to determine neural correlates of observable behavior. They report that dogs may experience something akin to jealousy because they Canines for Disabled Kids have been working on behalf of children and their families to educate communities and promote service dog partnerships for almost twenty years.

Their advocacy with local legislatures, business owners, and community leaders highlighted the difficulties encountered when Tackling the Threat of Rabies Reintroduction in Europe. Rabies is one of the oldest, most important zoonoses worldwide due to its extreme and inevitably lethal nature, causing one death every 9min worldwide. Recent reports have demonstrated that the Lyssavirus continues more alive than ever, despite the control carried out against the virus While animal mistreatment is common worldwide, its true scale is largely unknown.

Currently, organisations rely on community reporting case data and trends found therein to inform prevention activities. To investigate the prevalence, types, and responses to animal mistreatment in Victoria, we COVID- 19 lockdown provided a unique, in situ opportunity to probe caretaker experiences of living with companion animals during a stressful event.

We launched an online survey in the United States that included standard demographic questions, questions related to household structures, and During the transition to agriculture in the southern Levant of Southwest Asia, the PrePottery Neolithic B PPNB period is marked by the beginning of herd animal management, a fluorescence of ritual evidence and increasingly large settlements with diversified uses. These developments had Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes TILs serve as prognostic biomarker in human breast cancer.

Rabbits have the potential to act as animal model for human breast cancer, and close similarities exist between the rabbit and human immune system. The aim of this study is to characterize TILs in pet Canid vs. Journal Articles Contributor s : Erin E. Boydston, Eric S. Abelson, Ari Kazanjian, Daniel T. While the relationship between coyotes Canis latrans and house cats Felis catus may be characterized as one between predators and their prey, coyote interactions with domestic dogs C.

Urbanization and habitat fragmentation cause animal species to either adjust to human- dominated landscapes or suffer population loss. This paper examines the municipal challenges associated with coyotes, an animal successfully adapting to cities throughout North America. The presence of Equine-facilitated physiotherapy — devised encounters with daring and compassion. Physiotherapy with horses and rider-patients builds on communication and interaction through groundwork and mounted work.

The political economy of One Health research and policy. This paper explores the emergence of One Health and examines the political, economic and knowledge processes I don't feel safe! Background—Several studies have identified that pets can promote mental health, wellness, and recovery. However, little is known about the impact of pet ownership upon those with a severe mental illness SMI , or whether mental health services are offering sufficient support that is Improving the Recognition of Equine Affective States.

A key welfare problem for horses is that people commonly fail to recognise, and consequently neglect to resolve, equine behavioural signs of distress, worsening the welfare of the horse and potentially putting the safety of the handler at risk as a result. Members of equestrian Facebook groups Dogs aren't jealous — they are just asking for accurate information. Awake fMRI offers us a unique opportunity to view and understand how dogs see the world and use the information in it.

Given the limitations of behavioral assays and the small sample sizes inherent in these studies, labeling of patterns of canine behaviors using pop psychology terms may The rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned Australian wildlife is managed by over 20, carers, mostly voluntarily.

These volunteers experience mental, physical and financial challenges that have not been researched adequately. Smart Technologies Lead to Smart Answers? Journal Articles Contributor s : Mona F. Giersberg, Franck L. Current pig production systems in Europe are subject to public criticism.

At the same time, Precision Livestock Farming PLF technologies, which allow for automated animal monitoring are entering commercial pig farms. With their claim of improving animal health and welfare, these innovations This research examines the perceived quality of experience for safari tourists in relation to wildlife viewing proximities and the potential of educational interventions as a management strategy to mitigate adverse impacts of safari participant crowding.

Crowding emanates from the safari Bipartite networks improve understanding of effects of waterbody size and angling method on angler-fish interactions. Journal Articles Contributor s : Christopher J. Chizinski, Dustin R. Martin, Daizaburo Shizuka, Kevin L. Networks used to study interactions could provide insights to fisheries. We compiled data from 27 interviews of anglers across waterbodies that ranged in size from 1 to 12 ha.

Catch rates of fish species among anglers grouped by species targeted generally differed between angling Journal Articles Contributor s : E. Kathalijne Visser, Monique M. Kuypers, Jennifer S. Stam, Bernd Riedstra.

Firstly, we measured tightness in dressage and show jumping horses in The Netherlands, shortly after implementation of the two-finger rule by the Royal Dutch Marian Scott. Measuring HRQL helps quantify the Not all animals behave identically when faced with the same situation. These individual differences in the expression of their behavior could be due to many factors, including medical conditions. These medical problems can change behavior directly or indirectly.

The aims of this review are to Demographics and outcome of dogs and cats enrolled in the PetSafe program at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine: — Journal Articles Contributor s : Georgitta J. Valiyamattam, Janice Kritchevsky, Alan M. Journal Articles Contributor s : Chan, T. Apart from humans, certain animal species are susceptible to the viral infection.

Spillover between humans and animals is favored by close contact; thus, surveillance of animals is an important Trauma etiology in dogs and cats: a retrospective study of cases. Journal Articles Contributor s : Cojocaru, R.

Traumatic injuries are a major health hazard having an important impact in animals' welfare. The outcome following a traumatic event in the animal's life, depends on multiple factors, the most common ones being the cause of trauma, the location of the trauma and the amount of kinetic Effects of the multimodal intervention program including animal-assisted therapy on depression and self-esteem among university students.

This study aimed to investigate the effects of the multimodal group intervention that combined animal-assisted therapy AAT and integrated play therapy IPT on depression and self-esteem in undergraduate university students. The subjects were 40 students attending animal-related and social Rabbit meat: valuable nutrition or too-cute-to-eat?

Rabbit meat is a component of traditional diets, often incorporated into iconic dishes of regional cuisine. Its consumption can be traced back to the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean and beyond, well into the Palaeolithic era. Even though it has been representing considerable Correlation between gender, age and reproductive status with canine behavior assessed by the C-BARQ toolCorrelacao entre sexo, idade e estado reprodutivo com o comportamento canino avaliado pela ferramenta C-BARQ.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Neder, J. This study investigated Brazilian's dogs behavior through the Canine Behavioral Assessment and Research Questionnaire C-BARQ and establish if these behaviors have a significant relationship with the age, sex and neutering status of the animal. The questionnaire was answered by owners Journal Articles Contributor s : Fisher, P. Objective: As veterans have high rates of posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD and historically poor treatment outcomes and high attrition, alternative treatments have gained much popularity despite lack of rigorous research.

In this study, a recently developed and manualized 8-session group Journal Articles Contributor s : Barroso, C. Pet ownership, the most common human-animal interaction, is believed to bestow positive health benefits onto pet owners. However, there is limited research on substantiating these assertions. The aim of this review was to systematically identify, evaluate, and summarize primary research on the Journal Articles Contributor s : Scoresby, K.

Pet ownership is the most common form of human-animal interaction, and anecdotally, pet ownership can lead to improved physical and mental health for owners. However, scant research is available validating these claims. This study aimed to review the recent peer reviewed literature to better AAI is a transdisciplinary field that has grown exponentially in recent decades.

This growth has not always been synergistic across fields, creating a need for more consistent language and standards, a call for which many professionals in the field have made. Under the umbrella of human-animal Journal Articles Contributor s : Roscetto, E. Animal-assisted interventions AAIs are being implemented in many countries for the beneficial effects they have on humans.

Patients involved in AAI are often individuals at greater risk of acquiring infections, and these activities involve close contact between humans and animals, as is the There exist different animals Journal Articles Contributor s : Bouma, E. Describing the relationship with one's cat in human terms might reflect an underlying anthropomorphic view of the relationship which might be associated with an owner's behavior towards their cat and the cat's living environment.

Owners self-categorized the relationship with their cat Journal Articles Contributor s : Rodriguez, K. Adverse childhood experiences ACEs are associated with poor mental health. Emerging research demonstrates the protective role of positive childhood experiences, including a positive sense of self and relationships with both humans and animals, in mitigating the impacts of early life adversity Journal Articles Contributor s : Tanga, C. There is no doubt that the cultural and urban environments contributed to the animal-human interaction in the daily life of the ancient Roman world.

The singularity of the circumstances of the burial of Pompeii and Herculaneum, together with literary sources and the extraordinary state of Journal Articles Contributor s : Hunt, R. Environmental enrichment EE can be used to enhance the environment of various animals. The aim of this pilot study was to determine the effects of seven EE activities Bonding, Bubble machine, Conspecific play, Interactive toy, Playhouse, Stuffed food toy and Tug play on dog behaviour, pre Journal Articles Contributor s : Shaw, M.

With the rising popularity of social media, conservation organisations and zoos need to understand its impact on public perceptions of the animals they house and their role in conservation. In addition, many zoos offer close-encounter experiences, and visitors frequently share images from these A cross-sectional study of knowledge on ownership, zoonoses and practices among pet owners in northern Portugal.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Vale, B. Pet ownership is common in modern society. Few studies have ascertained the knowledge of pet owners on pet ownership and zoonoses, and none have been carried out in Portugal. The aim of the present study was Pilot study of the influence of equine assisted therapy on physiological and behavioral parameters related to welfare of horses and patients. Different welfare indicators were studied in three patients with psychomotor alterations and in two horses throughout equine assisted therapy sessions in each patient.

In horses, heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure, temperature and behavioral signs were studied. In patients, heart Development of the dog attachment insecurity screening inventory D-AISI : a pilot study on a sample of female owners. Journal Articles Contributor s : Riggio, G. To date, the Strange Situation Procedure is the only tool available to investigate the quality of the dog's attachment bond towards the owner.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Muela, A. The aim of the study was to carry out a pilot implementation and evaluation of the OverCome-AAI program, a pioneering program for the prevention of suicidal behavior through animal-assisted interventions for young people with high risk factors for suicidal behavior. The study sample consisted This research aimed to explore the experiences of handlers and trainers of disability assistance dogs in terms of the types of interactions they had with members of the Aotearoa NZ NZ public and how these interactions were perceived, interpreted, and managed.

A qualitative method, guided by Strong bonds commonly form between companion animals and people of all socio-demographic backgrounds, yet many pet owners face numerous barriers to accessing veterinary care for their companion animals. For example, they may have difficulties paying for care; they may lack veterinary practices Relinquishing owners underestimate their dog's behavioral problems: deception or lack of knowledge?

Journal Articles Contributor s : Powell, L. Undesirable behavior is a leading cause of canine relinquishment. Relinquishing owners could provide valuable information about their dog's behavior, although the reliability of their reports has been questioned by the sheltering community. This study aimed to investigate a whether Feasibility and reliability of the AWIN welfare assessment protocol for dairy goats in semi-extensive farming conditions.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Battini, M. The aim of this study was to test the feasibility and reliability of the Animal Welfare Indicators AWIN protocol for welfare assessment of dairy goats when applied to semi-extensive farming conditions.

We recruited 13 farms located in the NW Italian Alps where three assessors individually and Volunteers' demographics that affect the human-dog interaction during walks in a shelter. Journal Articles Contributor s : Shih, H. Different people relate to dogs in different ways.

We investigated differences between volunteers in their behavioural interactions with shelter dogs when they were walked on a leash. Cameras were used to record and quantify the behaviour of volunteers and a leash tension metre was used to Coping with human-cat interactions beyond the limits of domesticity: moral pluralism in the management of cats and wildlife. Although human interactions with cats are often even typically analyzed in the context of domesticity, with a focus on what sorts of interactions might make both people and cats "happy at home," a large number of cats in the world live, for one reason or another, beyond the bounds of The urinary hormonal state of cats associated with social interaction with humans.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Nagasawa, T. Research to assess the relationship between cats and humans is in a nascent stage. Some studies have assessed the stress status in cats using physiological indicators, such as the cortisol hormone, but have not focused on the social interaction with humans. Moreover, the role of oxytocin Community attitudes reflect reporting rates and prevalence of animal mistreatment. Journal Articles Contributor s : Glanville, C. Community attitudes toward the treatment of animals are important to understand for the development of intervention programs to prevent mistreatment.

We aimed to investigate whether previously identified differences between local government areas LGAs in the rates of animal mistreatment Exploring the relationship between human social deprivation and animal surrender to shelters in British Columbia, Canada. Journal Articles Contributor s : Ly, L. Previous studies identify owner-related issues, such as cost and housing, as common reasons for relinquishment of companion animals to animal shelters.

It is likely that the burden of surrendering for owner-related reasons falls on those who are socially vulnerable e. The mechanics of social interactions between cats and their owners. This is a mini review that summarizes what is known from quantitative observational studies of social interactions between domestic cats and humans in both laboratory colonies and the home setting.

Only results from data that have been statistically analyzed are included; hypotheses still to be Exploratory study of fecal cortisol, weight, and behavior as measures of stress and welfare in shelter cats during assimilation into families of children with autism spectrum disorder. Journal Articles Contributor s : Carlisle, G. The prevalence of ASD is one in 54, and many children have behavior challenges as well as their diagnostic communication disorders.

Does benchmarking of rating scales improve ratings of search performance given by specialist search dog handlers? Journal Articles Contributor s : Clark, C. Rating scales are widely used to rate working dog behavior and performance.

Whilst behaviour scales have been extensively validated, instruments used to rate ability have usually been designed by training and practitioner organizations, and often little consideration has been given to how Owner personality, owner-dog attachment, and canine demographics influence treatment outcomes in canine behavioral medicine cases. Human and canine parameters can affect the development of canine behavior problems, although their influence on the dog's response to veterinary behavioral treatment remains unclear.

This study aimed to investigate the possible associations between canine behavior following clinical Providing an outdoor exercise area affects tie-stall cow reactivity and human-cow relations. Confinement and restriction of movement are a reality for most dairy cows. Providing outdoor access is one method to increase movement opportunities.

However, leading cows to an outdoor exercise area increases their exposure to manipulations different from those of an indoor housing system Comparison of flowmetric plethysmography and forced oscillatory mechanics to measure airway hyperresponsiveness in horses. Journal Articles Contributor s : Dixon, C. The study purpose was to determine whether two modalities of non-invasive lung function testing FOM - forced oscillatory mechanics vs. FP - flowmetric Exploratory content analysis of direct-to-consumer pet genomics: What is being marketed and what are consumers saying?

Journal Articles Contributor s : Bennett, N. Mars Petcare introduced the first direct-to-consumer domestic dog genetic test in and Basepaws introduced the first direct-to-consumer cat genetic test in Social science research has evaluated numerous aspects of the human direct-to-consumer market, yet no such exploration has Ultrasonographic examination of equine fetal growth parameters throughout gestation in pony for Equine-Assisted Therapy.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Gao, Y. Ultrasound examination is used to decrease the abortion rate in horses. Human allergy to cats: a review of the impact on cat ownership and relinquishment. Practical relevance: Cats have become increasingly common as companion animals, and in many countries their popularity now exceeds that of dogs. The most established procedure is a visiting service by specially trained dogs and their owners to improve social interactions and reduce symptoms Outcomes of adjunctive radiation therapy for the treatment of mast cell tumors in dogs and assessment of toxicity: A multicenter observational study of dogs.

Journal Articles Contributor s : Mason, S. Journal Articles Contributor s : Cowfer, B. Animal-assisted interventions AAIs have shown promising benefits for children with chronic conditions and their families. Little is known A systematic review of dog-assisted therapy in children with behavioural and developmental disorders. ObjectivesAnimal-assisted therapy with dogs is regularly used in children with behavioural and developmental disorders.

Aims of this systematic review were threefold: to analyse the methodological quality of studies on dog-assisted therapy DAT for children with behavioural and developmental Autism-Assistance Dogs AADs are highly-skilled service animals trained primarily to ensure the safety of an autistic child by preventing elopement and mitigating 'meltdowns'.

Although anecdotal accounts and case-studies have indicated that AADs confer benefits above and beyond Visitor attachment to dolphins during an interaction programme, are there implications to dolphin behavior? Signs of claw asymmetry appear in a homochelate crab. Benefits and challenges of animal-assisted therapy in older adults: a literature review.

Linking the roles of personality and stress physiology for managing the welfare of captive big cats. Journal Articles Contributor s : Vaz, J. Qualitative behaviour assessment as part of a welfare assessment in flocks of laying hens.

A scoping review of freight rail noise and vibration impacts on domestic animal health and welfare. Journal Articles Contributor s : Trigg, J. An analysis of the approaches taken around the world to whale euthanasia. Journal Articles Contributor s : Stringfellow, H. Development of a fixed list of terms for qualitative behavioural assessment of brown bear Ursus arctos in Sanctuaries.

Behavior of newly-hatched Octopus tetricus paralarvae in response to different light sources. How spontaneous is spontaneous quantity discrimination in companion dogs? Perspectives on facility dogs from pediatric hospital personnel: A qualitative content analysis of patient, family, and staff outcomes. Responses to spoken words by domestic dogs: A new instrument for use with dog owners. The influence of prior experience on food preference by sheep exposed to unfamiliar feeds and flavors.

Broiler breeders roosted more on slats than on perches during the laying period. The effect of blindfolding and swaddling on the stress response to handling in domestic rabbits. Emerging with Oddkin: Interdisciplinarity in the Animal Turn. Environmental values and Americans' beliefs about farm animal well-being. COVID 19 - induced stress in dogs owned by elderly people. Independent living with mobility restrictions: older people's perceptions of their out-of-home mobility.

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