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Facebook ipo number of shares

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facebook ipo number of shares

Facebook filing reveals plans to sell million shares in IPO later this week, up from million shares previously announced. Facebook held its initial public offering (IPO) on May 18, This was seen as one of the biggest IPOs in technology and Internet history. Facebook just confirmed it has priced its initial public offering of ,, shares of stock at $38 per share. ALL ABOUT BINARY OPTIONS FORUM The process not be established by GET requests key in versions and the partner LTSR release. Supported versions years, 10 slightly less. FortiClient antispam the results.

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Facebook ipo number of shares forex trading signals advisor facebook ipo number of shares

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That is what Facebook understood, and look at the company today. With a successful IPO and happy users, Facebook has always been able to beat the competition and stay at the top. Obviously, there are many such websites in the world. But the thing that makes Facebook stay at the top is due to its popularity. According to the last check, Facebook has about 2. Mark Zuckerberg , the owner of Facebook , came up with the idea with his friends while studying at Harvard University in of creating a website where students can communicate with each other easily.

All anyone needed to open an account on Facebook was a valid email address and be over 13 years old. The moment the website came into the market, its popularity spread fast. The website is now worth billions of dollars and is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. For young people who have grown up with technology, Facebook was once one of the most popular websites to be on.

Even today, every age group has an account on Facebook as it helps you stay connected with people across the spectrum. It is common for many to find the virtual world more secure. And since Facebook has the most number of users, it is easier for people to reach out to more people. Additionally, people can personalize their profile as per their choice by pictures, videos, music, and comments, and make communicating easy.

Before we can talk about the Facebook IPO , let us first understand what company funding is and what its types are. It is a well-known fact that nearly all companies need a significant amount of cash to start off their business by buying equipment, hiring staff members, and even renting an office space before the business can get off the ground.

In addition to this, they also need to adapt and grow to beat the competition in the market. The only way this is possible is with capital. And as most of us cannot finance these business operations with our own funds, outside company funding is needed. Be it at any stage, almost every company needs some sort of help with funding if they want to move to the next stage.

Before we can talk about the Facebook IPO, let us understand the steps that lead to this. To be clear, a company has to have many funding rounds before they can enter an IPO. These rounds begin with the very first round of funding which is called the seed funding and the funding rounds afterwards. This round was considered to be the next step to grow and is called the Series A funding round.

With the Series B round done, Facebook had a high value and it was getting potential acquisition proposals from the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. But they rejected these and moved ahead to another funding round later on in to expand the company.

The rounds just continued as Facebook kept working on its expansion till it reached its limit of the number of shareholders it can have as a private company. That is when the Facebook IPO took place. Facebook Inc went public with its initial public offering on May 18th, It was also stated that it had million monthly active users and million daily active users as of December 31st, So, why did they have to go public?

There is no secret that Mark Zuckerberg tried to keep Facebook private for a very long time, as he believed that it was the best way to stay nimble and build the business. But at that point, Mark did not have a choice. Facebook had become too big, it had too many shareholders to be exact and so, the next right step was to make the company public.

Well, thanks to the Securities and Exchange Commission rule SEC rule that says that any private company with more than shareholders of record has to adhere to the same financial disclosure requirements that public companies do. This meant that Facebook would have had to file the detailed quarterly and yearly financial reports and deal with the scrutiny that comes with a powerful company opening its books. Facebook was aware of this and had done its best to keep the SEC at bay. Along with this, Facebook was also at work with Capitol Hill and it was lobbying Congress on behalf of a bill that would increase the number of shareholder records to 2, This bill was even taken in front of the Senate Banking Committee.

But before the bill was looked into, Facebook had already crossed shareholders at the end of So, any change to the rule then was going to be late for the company. The Facebook IPO would help many employees cash out their shares and breathe a sigh of relief. It is common for companies to offer the best employees with stock options where the employees work hard to make the company grow. But with Facebook, it was not that easy as the company had given out different types of non-cash compensation at different times and changed its rules across the years.

To explain better, the first or so employees were given the standard stock options, as per a person on the inside of the company. These stocks obviously vest over time and the employees can exercise them if they wish too. But in , Facebook started issuing restricted stock units RSUs and at this time, they received a waiver from the SEC to make sure that they would not be counted in the shareholder-of-record limit. Just to be clear, RSUs convert into common stock only after the company goes public.

In an IPO, there are two buyers. The first are the investment banks that helped the company file IPO documents with regulators and contacted pension funds, mutual funds and other big institutions to gauge a price for the shares. These investment banks are called underwriters. In Facebook's case, 33 banks are helping out; Morgan Stanley has the lead role.

The underwriters guarantee to the company that they'll buy all of the shares at the IPO price. The underwriters buy the shares before the shares start trading publicly. They will sell them to big institutions, along with some favoured individual investors before public trading starts. Mark Zuckerberg plans to sell Part of Zuckerberg's holding includes special shares that give him voting rights on shareholder proposals.

After the IPO, he will control 56 percent of votes. He insisted in a statement: 'I have paid and will continue to pay any taxes due on everything I earned while a U. For the Harvard dorm-born social network that reimagined how people communicate online, the stock sale means more money to operate the data centres that hold the trove of status updates, photos and videos shared by Facebook's million users. It also means more money to hire the best engineers to work at its sprawling headquarters in Menlo Park, California, or in New York City, where it opened an engineering office last year.

And it means early investors, who took a chance seeding the young social network with start-up funds six, seven and eight years ago, can reap big rewards. There are a few reasons for the exuberance. One is the IPO's sheer size. Investor appetite for the stock will probably propel Facebook's valuation above some of America's most venerable firms. While most Facebook users won't see a penny from the offering, they are all intimately familiar with the company.

And then there is Mr Zuckerberg, who turned 28 on Monday. He has emerged as the latest in a lineage of Silicon Valley prodigies who are alternately hailed for pushing the world in new directions and reviled for overstepping their bounds. With a valuation of more than 25 times its turnover, it is way out of kilter with stock market realities. But despite this investors will snap up Facebook shares today - based on the company's potential.

The chances of Facebook's stock doubling or tripling during the next five years look promising, given that the company is sitting on a gold mine of personal data prized by advertisers looking to peddle their products and services to the people most likely to buy them.

A year later, the stock hasn't touched that price again. His departure was dramatised in the film The Social Network when he was played by Andrew Garfield right. Facebook Inc. Google Inc. Yandex N. Infonet Services Corp. Shanda Games Ltd. Zynga Inc. Giant Interactive Group Inc. Renren Inc. Groupon Inc. Orbitz Worldwide Inc. Although Mr Zuckerberg is selling about 30 million shares, he will remain Facebook's largest shareholder. The dual class structure helps to ensure that he and other executives keep control as the demands of Wall Street exert new pressures on the company.

As a result, with the help of early investors who have promised to vote their stock his way, Mr Zuckerberg will have the final say on how nearly 56 per cent of Facebook's stock votes. The company is holding an overnight 'hackathon' tonight, where engineers stay up writing programming code to come up with new features for the site.

Ready for take off: Facebook's shares will launch on the Nasdaq stock exchange today. Mark Zuckerberg Number of shares being offered: DST Global Ltd. Goldman Sachs and affiliates, investment bank and one of the IPO's underwriters Year invested in Facebook: Number of shares being offered: Elevation Partners , private equity firm focused on media and technology and affiliates Number of shares being offered: 4.

Greylock Partners , Silicon Valley venture capital firm and affiliates Year invested in Facebook: Number of shares being offered: 7. Mark Pincus , Zynga Inc. Microsoft Corp. Year invested in Facebook: Number of shares being offered: 6. Reid Hoffman , co-founder of LinkedIn Corp. Other, smaller stockholders are offering another 70, shares. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback.

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Insider IPO Club Facebook IPO And What Should You Do With Your Facebook Shares

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